BookYourArtist – BYA is a sister concern of Pakistan’s famous and largest event management company by the name ”Evento”. We are in business for last 10+ years and we plan, design and execute corporate events, activities, and concerts in all over Pakistan and abroad.

Our vast experience spanning over a decade in the business of events & entertainment is the reason why we are authentic, credible and in direct contact with a variety of artists.

The idea of BookYourArtist – BYA platform emerged for the need to minimize and eliminate the unauthentic and fake promoters who charge heavy amounts of advance money, quote false rates and complicate things for clients. This scenario not only brings problems for clients but also annoys the artist and even earn them a bad name in the market. Our model is clear, which not only gets the client direct in touch with the artist but also delivers correct rates. Moreover, BYA platform is a new promotion base for the artists as well.

BookYourArtist – BYA is a unique and interesting platform where you can either Book Your Artist through our website or through your mobile phone instantly. We do not charge any extra fee or commission. We simply get you connected to the Artist Manager or the promoter and then we make sure that you get a reply within next 24 hours.
Once your deal is finalized, then we just ask for a very little service charge which is almost negligible.