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Abida Perveen


Abida Perveen one of the greatest Sufi Singer of the century when she perform listeners feel close to nature she has imbued Sufi Music with a new individuality Abida Perveen is Singer, Composer and Musician she is also a painter and entrepreneur person from Pakistan. Perveen was born on 20th February 1954 in Larkana Sindh Pakistan. She was raised in Sufi family her father Ghulam Haider was a well-known Singer and Music teacher Perveen was prepared and trained by her father. She attended her father’s Music school where her base in music was laid. Ustad Salamat Ali Khan of Sham Chaurasia Gharana was also her music teacher.

Abida Perveen was only three old when she sang her first complete “Kalam” Abida Perveen start performing professionally when she was only sixteen years old in 1990s she came into international celebrity. She had performed in Churches quite a few times in her first concert at California Buena Park. Perveen is a “Global Mystic Sufi Ambassador she is among the 500 most influential Muslims of the world and also she is referred as one of the greatest mystic singers.

Abida Perveen beside singing and composing she also have a good command on Musical Instruments “Keyboard” “Sitar” and “Pump Organ Perveen is reportedly in highest paid singers of Pakistan she sings “Thumri” “Khyal” “Ghazal” “Qawwali” “Sufi Rock “and “Sami Classic music  and she performed in Urdu , Persian, Arabic, Punjbi and Saraiki.

Abida Perveen’s most of the venues get sold-out nationally and internationally. In 1988 she performed in Chicago which was recorded by the Hazrat Amir Khusrau her performance at Wembley Conference Center at London was broadcast on BBC Perveen promotes Sufisim  peace and Pakistani Culture.

Abida Parveen started her career on Radio Pakistan in 1973 and she become as an official singer for Radio Pakistan in 1977 She had special appearance in super hit Lollywood movie “Zindagi”in 90s she licensed her spiritual Ghazals to Bollywood. Perveen performed as guest Judge in Pakistan Idol and Chotte Ustad.