Sajjad Ali

Sajjad Ali


Sajjad Ali is multi-talented artist Sajjad Ali is a Singer, Actor, Director, Writer and Composer. Sajjad Ali have unique voice because of his unique voice quality Sajjad Ali have quite respectable position in industry Sajjad Ali start learning Music from very young age his first classical music teacher was his uncle Tasadduq Husain.Sajjad appeared on television program Called “AapJanab” after this he Debut in “Rung Barangi Duniya” Sajjad was only 14 years old when he debut in PTV s stage show called “Silver Jubilee” Sajjad sung the song “Lagi ray lagan” and “Bawari Chakuri” which was enormous hit. Sajjad can sing Classical, Pop, and Jazz with good command.

“Master Sajjad Sings Memorable Classics” was first classical hit album of Sajjad Ali released by EMI-Pakistan in 1979 songs were written by Hasrat Mohani and musicaians were Mehdi Hassan, Bade Ghulam Ali Khan,Amant Ali Khan and Momin Ali. In 1987 Sajjad released another album “Goldie’s Not Oldies” In 1990 “Love Latter” and then one after one hit albums Sajjad Ali album” Babia” 1993 was transformed and huge hit some of Sajjad single hit are “Lari Adda” “Chal Jhooti” “Chal Urrja” “Cheef  Saab” “Tum Naraz ho” and many more.

Waqar Ali is the brother of Sajjad Ali and he is also in music industry. Waqar Ali wrote lyrics along with his brother Sajjad Ali for most of Sajjad songs. Sajjad participated in Coke Studio second episode with his song “KirKir”

As a director Sajjad Ali directed his first telefilm “Love Letter” in 1989. Sajjad performed as a singer and actor in film “MundaTeraDeewana” in 1998 Sajjad directed his first full-length motion picture “Aik Ur Love Story” Sajjad performed leading role with Co actors Saleem Sheikh and Saira Khan. Sajjad Ali has sung songs for drama serials with the help of his brother Waqar Ali Sajjad sung song in the PTV drama serial “Teri Yaad” also in ThriKhushiThoraGhum””Na Tum Jano Na Hum Janain””SunnLeyna” for (ARY Digital)

Sajjad Ali as a composer composed songs in film “Bol” by Shoaib Mansoor in 2011 songs for this film was recorded in studio an Dubai which owned by Sajjad Ali. He also composed some of his songs “ HarZulmTeraYaadhai” “Tamasha” “Din PareshanHai” “Teri Yaad” “Bolo Bolo” “Chief Saab” “Daman LagiyanMaula” and many more.