Everyone loves to know more about the things or the people they adore. And there’s one thing about which people loves to know more and that’s their favorite stars…

So, we are here to tell you the stars of your favorite stars, Celebrity is a word!  It might be possible; your star crush is sharing the same star with you 😉


Style Diva, Fashion icon… Mehwish Hayat is the one born with the star Capricorn.. And she proved the traits following the sign.. Ambitious, determined.. And we’ve heard she’s helpful too. So cheers to the capricorn’s..


Aquarians are practical, flexible and the friendliest… Also they can come up with the best solutions one can ever ask for!!! And the gorgeous sanam saeed is perfect example of Aquarians!


Too cool to care kinda people are the one with the zodiac sign pisces! One best quality of this zodiac sign is they are trustworthy and atif aslam proved it right.. You can trust him when it comes to his performances. He never let his fans down!


Bold, Confident and yet so cool to grab anyone’s attention anywhere! This defines aries and our dimple girl Hania amir too! One thing is so prominent in aries, they would never appreciate when somebody told them what to do! Hania is the proof!


Patience, Persistence are the keywords for taurians.. But their stubbornness stands atop. Our motorcycle girl sohai ali abro proved every bit of it!


The charisma that Gemini carries is undefinable.  They can turn heads anywhere, everywhere! And Kubra khan proves herself as the ultimate Gemini!


The innocence that Cancer carries can’t be ignored. Sensitive, emotional but a tough nut to crack, sanam baloch has it all!


The bold, upfront and impetuous personality defines the zodiac sign Leo! And when it comes to speaking the heart out without the hesitation of being judged, Hamza ali abbasi perfectly fits in this sign!


Virgo is the sign often seen as a source of support for their friends. And we’ve seen momina’s friendly side always!


Intelligent choices and the self-lovers, Libra’s are counted as self-obsessed sign sometimes.. Mawra Hussain proved herself in every way as her intelligent choices made her stand out always!


The cool ones, The “I don’t care I am weird” ones follows the traits of Scorpio.. and the twin sisters aiman and minal are the one having these traits!


Talented and very easy on the eyes are the traits for saggitarius. Fawad khan has all the eyes on him, always!

So, Drop a comment below mentioning your star! Maybe your star is your favorite celebrity’s star too!