• All of our music, music videos and content is through 3rd party websites like Youtube, Soundcloud, Vemeo etc. As we are digitally intelligent platform so our crawling bots copy content and release albums which sometimes causes a legal offence to some of the websites that is not intentional at all. Our dedicated monitoring team is working 24×7 to make sure this does not happen but even then if you have any complain regarding copy rights issue, kindly let us know at: copyrights@bookyourartist.pk
We assure you to a prompt & required action on immediate basis.
BookYourArtist is for all genres of artists. We are managers to only our ‘Exclusive Artist’ category, which means, all other artists are managed and promoted by their own respective management team and officials. All the content published, marketed and displayed on BYA is by the personal consent & affirmation of the artist, but, even then if you have any concerns regarding any matter, feel free to contact us.
  • BookYourArtist – BYA is only responsible for the queries and business done through its Official contact number and email address. Any other promoter or random person contacting any artist or client is not our responsibility. If you get any such call or a referral that quotes BYA, kindly let us know.
  • Cancellation of an artist’s booking In case of any unavoidable Law & Order situation, emergency or natural disaster is not our responsibility.
  • In other cases, if you wish to postpone a booking, Kindly let us know with a 2 weeks notice. Client and the Artist, both will be facilitated once to adjust their dates or reschedule. A booking may not be rescheduled or postpone more than twice in any case.
  • An advance payment of 50% of the actual amount is required to Book an artist after which your agreement will be documented accordingly. Payment needs to be done 1 week prior the event. BookYourArtist – BYA will not be responsible for any delays in this regard.